Exclusively Located

Idyllic coastal location

Gabata couldn’t be better located to enjoy the best of the coastal lifestyle.  Varna, the Black Sea’s most emblematic city, is ever-evolving, offering rich entertainment, culture and of course sun-drenched beach life. The city’s central beach, park and vibrant center are all a short walk away.

1. Pedestrian zone – 50 m
2. Shishkova Garden – 50 m
3. Sea Garden – 100 m
4. Varna Beach – 500m

Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is Varna’s old growth city park that wraps the beach, isolating it from the bustle of the city’s old town.

Varna Beach

Varna beach is a converging point for visitors from all over Europe. A buzzing social location, it offers activities, dining and nightlife.

Pedestrian Zone

The pedestrian zone is the main path through Varna’s historic center. Lined with small restaurants, bars and boutiques it is the area to experience the true spirit of the city.