oт създателите на емблематичната Varna Wave


The majority share in SVP Ltd. is held by the holding company Eco Forage Ltd. Eco Forage Ltd. holds ownership in a number of companies whose activities are focused in the Agro- industry and covering almost all areas – agriculture, processing of raw grain materials, transport and grain trade. The company has been operating successfully for over 20 years and has established itself as a market leader and reliable partner, both in Bulgaria and on the international market. Since 2016, Eco Forage Ltd. also operates in the field of real estate as an Investor in residential projects in the city of Varna. Varna Wave and Seasons projects are built and in use, while Block 166 and Aqua Vista Park projects are currently at a different stages of completion.


STARH е архитектурно студио с мисия да работи за преодоляване на стереотипите в архитектурната ни среда. Студиото е утвърдено като съвременна архитектурна практика, работеща успешно върху симбиозата между качество на дизайн, функция и материали, отношение към детайла и дълговечност. Постига иновативни решения чрез категоричен почерк с различен и дързък подход. Портфолиото на STARH покрива обекти с голяма сложност и различни мащаби, които изискват висока прецизност на изпълнение. STARH е носител на множество награди и номинации за работата на местно и международно ниво.


The main activity of the company is construction and reconstruction of complex  residential, public and industrial buildings, hotels and commercial establishments as well as, construction of external water supply networks and investment activity in construction. It is focused on the implementation of modern construction technologies, the use of new high-quality materials and high-performance equipment.